Quick blog: Adblock

TL;DR: Just use adblock and more blocker if you can. I gain no money on these sites so use it. Also, it can protect your privacy and prevent invasive and malvertisements.

Longer version:

I really hate advertisement. It is not like I do not want to advertise or propagate myself, but I am sick of those malvertising (malicious advertisements).

Sites like WordPress and Google serve responsible ads (no popup, I don’t count scams) because they have their own pride and responsibility in protecting their own name. However, those other websites like leechers, hacking, blockadblock, newspaper (again, I don’t count fake news), etc. are in my blacklist, as they are annoying. They block adblock, force you to turn off adblock or hide contents inside ads. That is pretty invasive to my point of view. Again, I do not endorse those kinds of behavior nor encourage it.

If you want to stop them, use adblock (recommended: ublock origin), use Anti-Adblock Killer, Adsbypasser and AntiAdware userscripts (with Tampermonkey). I don’t care if those people are going to say something about advertisement give them extra stuffs or whatever. I don’t care, get off of my browser. Stop it. You guys deliver contents, not ads. This is why people don’t want to read newspaper or watch TV anymore, because of forced advertisement. People would rather subscribe to Netflix or other streaming services in this case.

I do not care though. Say what you want, I will use what I want.


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