A post for Iris (software) part 2

So after a few day, I contacted the developer (call “Dev”, in this post) again about the software and guess what, Dev replied to me, by personal email. I am not criticizing Dev at this point by not using the company’s email, but I thought that Dev should be more careful about Dev’s real identity. I am not going to tell you who Dev is, nor would Dev want to tell you who Dev really is.

Again, after a few exchanged email, I figured out the problem. It was because of the server’s problem. The funny thing is, I could use Iris normally on my Windows PC, but not Mac. That’s the problem, the Windows build was normally functioned as it would be, while the Mac build was filled with bugs. That was the reason for me to switch back to f.lux.

So I continued to wait for a few days for the problem to be fixed, and it was fixed. However, some of Iris’s functions couldn’t work on Mac, but that was fine, I did not need those at the time being. I run Iris for 4 hours in the night, then switch back to f.lux.  One day, I forgot to “Pause” Iris (as for Dev’s instruction, turning off/pausing Iris could make the software stop counting for the usage hour per day). I had to use f.lux instead. Since then, I have stopped using Iris and switch back to f.lux completely.

But my impression about Dev’s yearning for making better software was not ended there. I again exchanged some email with Dev about Iris, Dev gave me a key to use this software for 30 days. Although I was happy about this decision, but I couldn’t use the key to activate on my Mac, so I decided to give it to my relative instead.

To be continued…


DISCLAIMER: This is not a promotion post. I am not doing advertising, nor receiving any money to write this article. Although you can see my Donate button on the right side, that does not mean I have receive some money. This story is purely written by me on what I have experienced in the past with these two software, Iris and f.lux. All of the identities of these person has been hidden/censored for the privacy reason. If you wish to remove yourself from this blog or found that your identity could be revealed at some points of this article, please use the contact form. Thank you for your understanding.


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