A post for Iris (software)

I am not a full-time developer, just a wandering student, who is seeking the true knowledge of the world. But I sometimes use some software and rarely (almost none) do the software review.

I am not doing a software review, just sharing my personal story and opinion about Iris.

First of all, about the first time that I heard about Iris.

“How did you know that software?”

– you would ask.

I find out about Iris when looking for the alternative of f.lux. In the night, not only I need to remove blue light, but also to reduce brightness. There are some alternative out there for dimming the screen for Mac, but it just create a dimming layer. Somehow, this method worked for a while, but when it comes to fullscreen app, it did not. I always use app in fullscreen mode for academic purpose, you know, that, and I have tried some options suggested by alternativeto.org community. In short, these software does nothing to dim the screen.

One day, a developer release Iris and post his software on alternativeto.org. This place somehow managed to be the best place for startup dev. or something, but anyway. I found this, download this, tried it on my Windows machine, then Mac, and Android. At that time, Iris wasn’t fully functional yet. There were still lots of bugs. I still remember I have a nice chat with the dev about the problem. The developer was so enthusiastic about his software and even quitted his job to devote himself for Iris (description on his website), which also made me impressed.

Then I started to use Iris and simply switched back to f.lux, because the result wasn’t as I expected, so buggy at that time.

To be continued…



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